ExiPrep™ Viral RNA Kit (96 reactions)

ExiPrep Viral RNA Kit is a product that can extract high-purity Viral DNA/RNA from various samples such as serum, plasma, CSF, saliva, cell free body fluid and swab, etc using automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument, ExiPrep™16. Using a pre-filled buffer cartridge with reagents required for nucleic acid extraction, nucleic acids can be easily extracted from up to 16 samples simultaneously.

Application Note

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Features and Benefits

  • Constructive contents
    Utilization of pre-filled buffer cartidge system with diluted enzymes (Proteinase K), carrier RNA and reagents required for nucleic acid extraction 

  • Inclusion of essential consumables for nucleic acid extraction
    Disposable filter tip, elution tube, etc.

  • Great lysis optimization 
    Pre-treatment experiment methods for various samples (serum, plamsa, CSF, etc.)

  • Rapid extraction
    Simultaneous isolation up to16 large samples at maximum

  • High-yield production of highly-pure nucleic acid
    Usage of Silica Magnetic Particles developed and produced by Bioneer's proprietary technology

  • High reproducibility
    Reliable of results through the use of automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument (ExiPrep™ 16, ExiPrep™ 16 Plus, ExiProgen™)




• Quantitative real-time PCR

• Quantitative real-time RT-PCR

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