AccuPrep® Blood RNA Extraction Kit (50 reactions)

AccuPrep® Blood RNA Extraction Kit is a product capable of extracting high-purity RNA from whole blood. The isolated RNA can be used for various experiments such as RT-PCR, quantitative real time RT-PCR, and microarray analysis. Using AccuPrep® Blood RNA Extraction Kit, you can extract high-yield RNA without degradation.

Spin column type

Cat. No.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality, high-yield
    High-quality, high-yield extraction from blood.

  • High binding capacity
    Up to 120 µg using silica based RNA binding columns

  • Minimized contamination
    Columns individually sterilized and packaged

  • Convenience
    Etanol already added to the Washing buffer


• cDNA synthesis


• Quantitative real-time PCR

• Northern blot analysis

• RNA sequencing

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