AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT PreMix, RNase H Minus (480 T, 50 μl)

AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT PreMix, RNase H Minus uses RocketScript™ RTase and RNase H Minus developed by Bioneer independently. By using unique genetic engineering technology, it is useful for cDNA synthesis of long target RNA by removing RNase H activity. It is excellent in extensibility and sensitivity, and can successfully synthesize cDNA even in 1 pg human total RNA. It also contains all the components necessary for cDNA synthesis, so RT-reactions can be performed directly by adding RNA to be amplified and D.W.

※This product is shipped in dry ice.

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Features and Benefits

  • Rapid Synthesis Short-Time Synthesis : 9 kb synthesis possible with 10 minute RT reaction

    Time-efficient and economical synthesis of cDNA from secondary structure RNA with RocketScript™ RNase having excellent thermal stability capable of being active at even 70 ℃  

  • No RNase H activity

    Useful for cDNA synthesis up to 12.5 kb from long target RNA using enzymes developed by proprietary genetic engineering technology 

  • Sensitivity

    High sensitivity and effective synthesis of cDNA even at scarce amount of 1 pg of human total RNA.

  • Convienance

    Synthesis of cDNA samples difficult to be done using traditional methods, such as those made with long size RNA (9 kb), possible only within 10 minutes

  • Reproducibility

    Minimized deviation between lots, then supplied as uniform quality product to provide reproducible experimental results by mass production under ISO 9001 quality system

• First-strand synthesis of cDNA from RNA molecules (RT)

• Random priming reaction

• cDNA library construction

• Probe labeling

• mRNA 5‘-end mapping by primer extension analysis


• Real-time qPCR

Experimental data


Figure. Performance of the AccuPower® RocketScript ™ RT PreMix, RNase H Minus in two-step RT-PCR.
Target mRNAs ranged from 500 bp to 11 kb were reverse transcribed by using AccuPower® RocketScript ™ RT PreMix, RNase H Minus. With each cDNA, PCR was performed by using AccuPower® ProFi Taq PCR PreMix (Cat. No. K-2631, Bioneer). Template sizes are indicated above the gel image.

M1; 1 kb DNA Ladder (Cat. No. D-1040, Bioneer)
M2; Lambda DNA/Hind III Markers (Cat. No. D-1050, Bioneer)

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