AccuPower® CycleScript™ RT PreMix (dN12) (96 T, 20 μl)

AccuPower ® CycleScript™ RT PreMix is applied with Bioneer’s patent technology called Cyclic Temperature Reverse Transcription (CRCT), which not only increases the efficiency, but also is effective for full-length cDNA synthesis. Furthermore, this product is compatible with products including oligo dT20, dN6, and dN12 primers and contains all the components necessary for cDNA synthesis, allowing it to conveniently start the process just by adding the template RNA and D.W.

※ This product is shipped at room temperature.
※ The reaction mixture contains stabilizers that keep full activity of enzymes even at the ambient temperature.

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Features and Benefits

  • Flexible conditions

    CRCT (Cyclic Temperature Reverse Transcription) performing a primer annealing stage at a range of low temperature from 15 to 40) and the release of secondary structure of template DNA by repeating the step 2 or 3 times at a range of high temperature from 50 to 55°C, allowing more efficient synthesis of cDNA with higher temperature than the traditional methods undergoing the process at 42°C .

    figure1 figure1
  • Stability

    Strong thermal stability of RTase with the use of dried products containing a stabilizer allowing to react at a higher temperature up to 55℃

  • Controllable reaction time

    Varied reaction time depending on the number and size of copies of the gene to be amplified, with synthesis high-copy gene cDNA within 10 minutes through reverse transcription reaction.

  • Reproducibility

    Minimized deviation between lots and reproducible results even for replicates tested repeatedly under same conditions and variables by mass production under ISO 9001 quality system

  • Easy of use

    Simplified procedures with all components essential for cDNA synthesis, including the primers, added in the kit to perform the RT reaction immediately just by adding the RNA to be amplified and D.W.


• Sequencing single and double-strand DNA or RNA

• Random priming reaction

• cDNA library construction

• Probe labeling

• mRNA 5'-end mapping by primer extension analysis


• Real-time PCR

Experimental data

cyclescript figure1

Figure 1. Reaction conditions of Cyclic RT compared with that of conventional RT.

The conventional fixed temperature RT reactions at 42°C and 55°C and cyclic RT reactions at 37°C and 50°C using HeLa cell total RNA (800 ng each) were performed 800 bp, 1.5 kb, 2.0 kb, and 2.6 kb fragments of human transferrin receptor gene were amplified with each primers. AccuPower® CycleScript RT Premix series (dT20 & dN12) preferably shows good results at cyclic RT reaction condition.

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