Exicycler™ 96

Exicycler™ 96 is a superior 96-well PCR system designed for real-time qPCR applications demanding the highest performance. With the various modules, various diagnosis is available such as viral load monitoring, gene expression analysis and SNP genotyping.
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1. Uniform illumination with LT(Light Tunnel) Technology
LT delivers accurate and precise results without the need for a reference dye.
* Patient: KR 794703(Korea), US 8139210(U.S.A.), JP 4751821(Japan)

2. Real 5-Color Multiplexing
Five band-pass filters each for excitation and emission are included for multiplexing, and since no reference dyes are necessary, true five-color multiplexing is possible.

3. Real-time Analysis
Use the Melting curve analysis module to measure the melting points of amplicons in real-time.

4. Fast and Accurate Analysis
The high-performance 2D CCD sensor collects information from all 96 wells simultaneously, removing any detection-lag deviations and producing accurate results.

5. Touch down PCR
Time increments and temperature increment controls allow for touch-down PCR applications.

6. Use Various Fluorescent Dyes
The light source provides even excitation from 480 to 690 nm, allowing the use of various fluorescent dyes.

7. Wide Linear Dynamic Range
The dynamic range of detection is wide at over 109.

8. Intuitive and Convenient Software
A user-centric GUI lets users design and analyze experiments with ease.


1. LT technology optics to remove well-to-well variation
To eliminate the well-to-well light intensity variation associated with other systems, Bioneer has designed proprietary, patented optics: Light Tunnel technology.


2. Minimization of Ct values for Maximized Reproducibility
By implementing the in-house designed LT technology in the optics module, well-to-well signal variation has been virtually eliminated and reproducibility has been maximized. No matter which well the reaction occurs, the Ct values will be within 0.5.


3. True 5-Color Multiplexing
Instruments with uneven excitation illumination must use a separate reference dye to normalize signal differences between wells, thus eliminating the usefulness of one fluorescence channel. Exicycler™ 96 does not need a reference dye, freeing all five channels for true 5 color multiplexing. The optics are designed to minimize dye interference, and long-wavelength dyes such as Cy5 can also be used thanks to the short-arc lamp light source, which emits even illumination throughout the visible spectrum. Filter sets for the most popular dyes are pre-installed, so you don't need to worry about installing more filters.


4. Simultaneous well measurement
The 2D CCD sensor measures all 96 wells simultaneously, eliminating detection lag between wells. Instruments that scan each well or by column have the inherent disadvantage of letting the reaction proceed while measuring, thus producing the undesirable effect of detection lag.

5. High Performance Light source
The high performance short-arc lamp used in the optical module emits a brighter light compared to halogen lamps commonly used in comparable instruments. Brighter excitation means better sensitivity, and the inherent long life and light stability enable various wavelengths to be used for experiments.

6. Self-Diagnostics
The software performs instrument diagnostics before each experiment, preventing run errors from occurring before the experiment and thus saving valuable samples and reagents from going to waste.

7. Automatic door open/close function
The loading door is motorized for automatic door opening and closing, adding convenience and flexibility, as the instrument can easily be incorporated into an automated workflow.

8. Wide Linear Dynamic Range
The dynamic range of detection is wide at over 109.


9. Intuitive and full-featured Software
A user-friendly interface provides convenience in all steps of the qPCR process including protocol setup, data analysis and result storage. Data analysis modules including Absolute Quantification, Relative Quantification, Existence /Nonexistence, SNP Genotyping and melting curve analysis are included standard for flexibility in data analysis.

10. Superior well-to-well Uniformity
The Exicycler™ 96 of Bioneer has superior well-to-well uniformity then the others because it is using a exact thermal delivery technology. It's uniformity is within ± 0.4°C deviation at maximum, so that it can be comparable to the others like the below results. These data were obtained to compare temperature homogeneity of the 96-well block among the qPCR instruments. To get these accurate results, the melting analysis function supported at the software from the manufacturer was used while increasing the temperature at 0.1°C intervals and all of the temperature of 96 well was measured. Exicycler™ 96 of Bioneer shows 0.11 Standard Deviation of temperature at around 90°C but the others shows 0.25 and 0.15.



1. Viral load
2. Pathogen Detection
3. Oncology
4. Genetic disease detection
5. Drug resistance analysis
6. DNA methylation study
7. SNP (Single nucleotide polymorphism) Detection
8. Quantification of Gene Expression

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