MagListo™ Transfection Magnetic plate

Magnetic plate that efficiently delivers proteins bound with magnetic nanoparticles to various cell lines and available to separate and analyze of delivered cells

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  • MagListoTM Transfection Magnetic plate is a transfection plate that effectively delivers His-tagged proteins to cells using Ni-NTA magnetic nanoparticles.

  • By using magnetism, it can be delivered to various cell lines more simply and efficiently than conventional systems.

  • Also Isolation and reproducible accurate analysis of transfected cells are possible.

  • Choose between MagListoTM-Transfection Magnetic plate 6 (using 6 well plates), MagListoTM-Transfection Magnetic plate 24 (using 24 well plates) and MagListoTM-Transfection Magnetic plate 96 (using 96 well plates) can be used.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient delivery to various cell lines
  • Various transfection plates are available depending on sample volume and device specifications
  • Possible to deliver to cells much simpler and faster than conventional methods by using Ni-NTA magnetic nanoparticles and His-tagged proteins
  • Easy to isolate and analyze transfected cells

※ The plate is magnetic, so please be careful of contact with credit cards, USB, wallets, etc.

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