AccuPower® qPCR Array System: Mouse Reference qPCR primer A set (20 reactions)

AccuPower® qPCR Array System: Reference qPCR primer set consists of 16 housekeeping genes including representative cell function regulatory gene which is devided 8sets of A and 8sets of B. And by ensuring uniform expression of genes under various experimental conditions, relative quantitative analysis can be performed easily.

• This product only contains pre-dispensed qPCR Primer, so a master mix has to be purchased separately.
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Reference gene (internal control) is crucial for cell survival known to be constantly expressed in all tissues. However, its expression level may vary depending on the experimental conditions, cell type, etc.

Figure 1. ACTB expression levels in the various tissues. (

Features and Benefits

  • Convenience

    16 kinds of commonly used reference genes (A set: 8 genes / B set: 8 genes) possible to be screened 

  • Fidelity

    qPCR primer with qPCR efficiency of 90 - 110% ensuring detection limit of 100 copies.

  • Economic

    Reduced time and cost for primer design, synthesis and efficiency assays


  • Quantitative Real-time PCR
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