MALDI-TOF MS Analysis Service

MALDI-TOF MS ionizes biomolecules and organic molecules, having large molecular weights, with a laser and measures their molecular weight using matrix. This has the advantage of quick analysis of polymeric materials without sample degradation. Bioneer’s MALDI-TOF MS Analysis Service provides reliable molecular weight analysis results just within two days after receiving your single strang oligo nucleotide samples with our experience and expertise.

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MALDI-TOF MS analysis uses a laser to ionize large biomolecules and organic molecules and matrix to measure their molecular weight, allowing quick analysis of polymeric materials without sample degradation

Features and Benefits

  • Trustworthy methology

    Reliable data through periodically qualified MALDI-TOF Mass equipment

  • Accurate data

    Purification of samples by desalting pre-treatment to remove salt, impurities, etc. that may be mixed into the samples 

  • Rich experience

    Accurate and fast analysis results based on 20 years of experience in oligo nucleotide synthesis and quality control

Analysis Result

We will send you a report in the form of data on the degree of agreement with the expected molecular weight and other product identification.

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