MagListo™ 5M Universal RNA Extraction Kit (100 reactions)

MagListo™ 5M Universal RNA Extraction Kit allows rapid extraction of RNA using MagListo™ Magnetic Separation Rack and Magnetic Nanobeads from cultured cells, mammalian tissue, and plant tissue. The isolated RNA can be used for a wide range of experiments such as RT-PCR, Quantitative real time RT-PCR, microarray analysis, etc.

Magnetic bead type

Cat. No.

<Manual method>

<Automatic method using ExiPrep™96 Lite>

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible sample choice  
    Isolation of total RNA from various types of animal tissues, cultured cells, and plant tissue.

  • Convenience
    Broad coverage of scales for Mini and Midi isolation protocols with just a single kit (Mini - 10min, Midi - 15min)

  • Cost-effective kit
    No need of additional expensive instruments other than the kit and MagListo™ Magnetic Separation Rack

  • Can be applied to ExiPrep™96 Lite to automate RNA extraction


• cDNA synthesis


• Quantitative real-time PCR

• Northern blot analysis

• RNA sequencing

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