AccuPower® RocketScript™ Cycle RT PreMix (dT20) (480 T, 20 μl)

AccuPower® RocketScript™ Cycle RT PreMix is a next generation cDNA synthesis kit that combines technologies developed by Bioneer: Thermostable RTase (RocketScript™ Reverse Transcriptase) and Cyclic Temperature Reverse Transcription (CTRT). This not only allows cDNA synthesis at a low concentration of RNA, but also conveniently contains all the components necessary for the process. Furthermore, this product is compatible with products including oligo dT20, dN6, and dN12 primers and contains all the components necessary for cDNA synthesis, allowing it to conveniently start the process just by adding the template RNA.

※ This product is shipped at room temperature.
※ The reaction mixture contains stabilizers that keep full activity of enzymes even at the ambient temperature.

Cat. No.

Features and Benefits

  • Sensitivity & Efficiency

    Enhanced sensitivity and efficiency capable of synthesizing cDNA from low concentration RNA in a short time by controlling the number of cycles by applying circulating temperature reaction like PCR reaction by using Cyclic temperature reverse transcription reaction and Thermostable RTase (RocketScript ™ RTase) fusion technology

  • Thermostable Activity

    Excellent resistance to high temperature with application of RocketScript ™ RTase suitable for synthesis of cDNA from secondary structure of RNA, with large range of compatible temperature from 42 to 70℃ allowing comprehensive choice of conditions depending on the experimental protocol for effectiveness


  • Flexible Reaction

    Comprehensive range of compatible temperature for not only cyclic temperature reverse transcription, but also in the other reverse transcription reactions in the range of 22 ~ 55°C

  • Convienence 

    Simplified procedure by including all components necessary for cDNA synthesis such as Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase, RNase inhibitor, primer, etc. to immediately perform the reaction just by adding RNA to be amplified and D.W.


• First-strand synthesis of cDNA from RNA molecules (RT)

• Random priming reaction

• cDNA library construction

• Probe labeling

• mRNA 5‘-end mapping by primer extension analysis


• Real-time qPCR

Experimental data


Figure. Comparison of amplification efficiency between AccuPower®RocketScript ™ Cycle RT PreMix and competitors' RTases

(a) Sensitivity test
Primer set; Human TFRC set
Lane M; 1 kb DNA Ladder
Lane1; 100 ng Human total RNA from HeLa cell
Lane2; 10 ng Human total RNA from HeLa cell
Lane3; 1 ng Human total RNA from HeLa cell
Lane4; 100 pg Human total RNA from HeLa cell
RT reaction condition is performed according to each manufacturer’s recommendations

(b) Full-Length cDNA synthesis test
RT reactions were performed according to each manufacturer’s recommendation. All cDNAs were amplified with AccuPower® Hotstart PCR Premix (Cat. No. K-5050, Bioneer)
Note: Competitor products show inhibition at high input concentrations of total RNA
Lane 1; 1 μg Human total RNA from HeLa cell
Lane 2; 100 ng Human total RNA from HeLa cell
Lane 3; 10 ng Human total RNA from HeLa cell

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