AccuPower® Gold Multiplex PCR PreMix (96 T, 50 μl)

AccuPower® Gold Multiplex PCR PreMix can generate amplified PCR products of 20 target genes simultaneously with only one reaction and a tube. By applying Bioneer’s patent technology of enzyme-mediated HotStart, chances of non-pecific reactions that can occur when DNA polymerase reacts at low temperatures such as mis-priming and primer-dimer are reduced. This product is compatible with genotyping assay and genetic diagnosis that utilizes multiplex PCR technology.

※ This product is shipped at room temperature.
※ The reaction mixture contains stabilizers that keep full activity of enzymes even at the ambient temperature.

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Features and Benefits

  • Multiplex PCR

    Generation of 20 multiplexed amplification products in a single tube with only one reaction

  • Specificity

    Minimized non-specific amplications by application of PyroHotStart technology which includes pyrophosphatase to maximize the efficiency by eliminating the PCR inhibitor pyrophosphates produced every cycle.

  • Convenience

    Shortened calculation time of PCR condition using PyroHotstart technology to easily amplify multiple templates from 1 to 20, with anyone capable of initiating the PCR process just by adding the template DNA and their corrosponding primer sets  

  • Stability

    Enhanced stability allowing long-term storage by including the stabilizer and drying in the PCR reaction mixture

  • Reproducibility

    Reproducible experimental results by mass production in one-batch system under ISO 9001 quality system with thorough QC for each batch, then supplied as uniform quality products


(a) Inhibition of PCR reaction in the zero cycle
After the preparation of the PCR mixture, PPi is used to prevent the formation of non-specific reactants before reaching the pre-denaturation temperature.
As PPi has high affinity with Mg2+, it is comprised in the mixture to inhibit the PCR reactions by trapping the Mg2+ ions crucial for the activation of DNA polymerases. 

(b) Denaturation
When the temperature rises during the denaturation process, PPases included in the mixture is activated to reduce PPi into Pi and releases Mg2+ ions.
The dissociated Mg2+ ions bind to DNA polymerases and activate the enzymes, allowing the PCR reactions to proceed.

(c) Annealing & Extension
As the PCR cycles go on, the activated DNA polymerases amplify the target DNA.


Target Application
Human and Animal
  STR analysis for determining genetic profiles in forensic cases
  Molecular diagnostic analysis
  Genotyping assay
  Qualitative and semi-qualitative gene expression assay
  Mutant screening
  Transgenic organism analysis
  STR analysis
  Detection of pathogens/bacterial infection
  Transgenic organism analysis
  Qualitative and semi-qualitative gene expression assay

Experimental data

Gold Multiplex PCR PreMix figure2

Figure. High specificity of AccuPower® Gold Multiplex PCR PreMix
Each lane from left to right represensts the progressive number of primer sets (1 – 20) included in single AccuPower® Gold Multiplex PCR PreMix reactions.
Rxn. Condition : 95°C for 10 min, followed by 30 cycles(a), 35 cycles(b) of 30 sec at 95°C, 30 sec at 57°C, 60 sec at 72°C
M; 25/100 bp Mixed DNA Ladder (Cat. No. D-1020, Bioneer)

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