AccuPower® Pfu PCR PreMix (96 T, 20 μl)

AccuPower® Pfu PCR PreMix uses Pfu DNA polymerase to attain highly accurate PCR products through its proof-reading function. As all components necessary for PCR such as Pfu DNA polymerases, dNTPs, reaction buffers, etc., are thoroughly mixed and vacuum-dried, each packaged with amounts sufficient for a single PCR run, by simply adding the template DNA and primers, a high-performance PCR product can be obtained.

 PreMix product is shipped at room temperature.

※ The reaction mixture contains stabilizers that keep full activity of enzymes even at the ambient temperature.

※ Master Mix product is shipped in dry ice.

Cat. No.

Features and Benefits

  • High fidelity

    Low mutation rate during DNA amplification through its a high fidelity (error rate= 1.9X10-6)

  • Sensitivity

    Excellent sensitivity and amplification efficiency by detecting even a trace amount of samples

  • Long range PCR

    Effective amplification of large-size targets allowing various applications such as promoter assay and cloning experiments

  • Stability

    Enhanced stability allowing long-term storage with a stabilizer included and dried in the PCR reaction mixture

  • User-friendly

    Convienance with easy start just by adding template DNA and primers

  • Reproducibility

    Minimized deviation between lots and reproducible results even for replicates tested repeatedly under same conditions and variable by mass production under ISO 9001 quality system 


• Gene synthesis

• Gene cloning

• Conventional PCR

• Primer extension

• Site-directed mutagenesis

• High fidelity PCR

Experimental data

Figure. Template Range & Sensitivity test
Test of working range & sensitivity of AccuPower® Pfu PCR PreMix for Lambda DNA template.

M; 100 bp DNA Ladder (Cat. No. D-1030, Bioneer)
Line 1; 10ng
Line 2; 1ng
Line 3; 100pg
Line 4; 10pg
Line 5; 1pg
Line 6; 100 fg
Line 7; 10 fg
Line 8; template negative

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