Top DNA Polymerase, 10 mM dNTPs, 10X Reaction Buffer with MgCl2 (500 units)

Top DNA polymerase contains a thermostable DNA polymerase having improved polymerase activity by using the recombinant DNA technology on a thermophilic polymerase gene.

※This product is shipped in dry ice.

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Features and Benefits

  • Optimized buffer delivery

    Guaranteed stable response with Top optimized buffer for DNA polymerase

  • Efficiency & Sensitivity

    High efficiency and sensitivity for DNA amplification using PCR 

  • Reproducibility

    Reproducible results with uniform quality products for each batch by manufacturing under the ISO 9001 quality system


  • Real-time quantification of DNA and cDNA targets using dsDNA binding dye

  • Gene expression profiling

  • Microbial & viral pathogen detection

Experimental data

Figure. Sensitivity test of Top DNA polymerase using Lambda genomic DNA.
Each fragment was amplified from a template dilution series (10 ng to 10 fg DNA per reaction) using 1 U of each Top DNA polymerase.

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