AccuRapid™ Cloning Kit (10 reactions)

Bioneer’s AccuRapid™ Cloning Kit allows accurate and rapid cloning of 1 ~ 3 inserts (PCR products) into a linearized vector by recognizing both ends of PCR amplified inserts and their complementary sequences for 18 ~ 21 bp ends of linearized vectors and connecting them. Unlike the conventional method of using ligation method after the treatment with restriction enzymes, inserts to be cloned can be rapidly through PCR and accurately in the desired position.(Amplification can be done faster through the use of our world's fastest PCR instrument, ramping rate 9.5°C/sec, AllInOneCycler™.)

※This product is shipped in dry ice.

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Features and Benefits

  • Fast & Accurate cloning

    Cloning with 30 minute reaction 

  • Simplified protocol 

    Use of a primer containing a sequence complements to 18-21 bp both ends of the vector to amplify the insert and clone it in the desired direction without restriction enzyme treatment

  • Simultaneous cloning

    Simultaneous cloning of 1~3 insert fragments in the desired sequence using both ends complementary sequences of each fragment.

  • User-friendly customization

    Easily customize cloning designs and enable vectors on the desired form.

Schematic protocol for AccuRapid ™ Cloning Kit

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