AccuPower® Plus DualStar™ qPCR PreMix, ABI 7500 (96 T, 50 μl)

AccuPower® Plus DualStar™ qPCR PreMix uses Hydrolysis probe method to accurately quantify the target gene in various kinds of samples. Hotstart Taq DNA Polymerase is used to solely amplify the gene of interest, with excellent sensitivity capable of amplifying template DNA even present in a trace amount. Moreover, this product is compatible with comprehensive types of devices, including Exicycler™ 96 and those from other companies, by providing optimized tube and plates, along with a 2X master mix type.

※ This product is shipped at room temperature.

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Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive range

    A wide range of 8 logs up to 10 ~ 108 copies.

  • Specificity

    Optimized amplification of target gene using Hotstart Taq DNA polymerase

  • Comprehensiveness

    Effective quantitative PCR results from a gene regardless of its type, including DNA, cDNA and high GC template.

  • Conveniance

    All reactants essential for real-time PCR included in each tubes to readily start by adding template DNA, probe & primer for target gene, and D.W.

  • Stability

    Stabilizer included in the Real-Time PCR reaction mixture, being more stable the solution type products.

  • Reproducibility

    Mass production under strict ISO 9001 quality systems allowing reproducible results


• Gene expression profiling

• Target DNA quantification

• Microbial detection

• Viral/bacterial pathogen load determination

• Evaluation of primer pair performance for probe-based real-time PCR

Experimental data


Figure. High specificity of AccuPower® Plus DualStar™ qPCR PreMix

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