Protonion™ 96 Viral RNA Kit

Protonion™ 96 Viral RNA Kit (K-4731) is designed to accurately and quickly extract viral RNA from clinical samples such as Sputum, Saliva Nasopharyngeal swab, and Oropharyngeal swab using ExiPrep™ 96 Lite (A-5250). Protonion™ 96 Viral RNA Kit has an extraction time of 30 minutes and does not contain EtOH to prevent PCR inhibition and fast extraction speed.

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  1. Pre-filled buffer cartridges
  2. Simultaneous extraction of viral RNA from up to 96 clinical samples in 30 minutes
  3. No EtOH: Prevents PCR inhibition with EtOH contained eluent and omits EtOH drying step
  4. Principle for Protonion: Changing buffer solution pH to extract viral RNA by collecting RNA at low pH conditions and recovering RNA at high pH


fast viral RNA extraction


fast viral RNA extraction

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