ExiPrep™ 96 Blood Genomic DNA Kit

ExiPrep™96 Lite Blood Genomic DNA kit is designed for accurate and rapid extraction of genomic DNA using ExiPrep™96 Lite from clinical sample, such as whole blood. ExiPrep™96 Lite Blood Genomic DNA kit contains all buffer and consumables necessary for efficient and effective genomic DNA extraction. ExiPrep™ 96 Lite provides total solution with pretreatment reagents.
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1. Pre-filled buffer cartridge system
2. Extraction of 96 samples at once with ExiPrep™ 96 Lite within 40minutes
3. Silica magnetic particles developed by Proprietary technology of Bioneer



Technology Magnetic Bead
Specimens Whole blood
Starting Volume 200 (recommended) - 400 ul
Elution Volume 150 ul
Instrumentation ExiPrep™96 Lite
Packaging/Kit 384 tests



Experimental Data


Detection of Actin and Beta-Globin(housekeeping gene) was performed with ExiPrep™ 96 Blood Genomic DNA Kit. Genomic DNA was extracted from whole blood using ExiPrep™ 96 Blood Genomic DNA Kit, and real-time PCR was performed on Exicycler™ 96.

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