ExiPrep™ 96 Genomic DNA Kit

ExiPrep™ 96 Genomic DNA Kit is a reagent that can extract genomic DNA from human specimens using ExiPrep™ 96 Lite. ExiPrep™ 96 Genomic DNA Kit contains all buffers and consumables necessary for efficient and effective genomic DNA extraction. ExiPrepTM 96 Lite provides total solution with pretreatment reagents.
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1. Simultaneous extraction of nucleic acids from a maximum of 96 clinical samples within 50 minutes.

2. Pre-filled buffer cartridge system

3. ExiPrep™ 96 system uses silica magnetic beads developed and produced with Bioneer’s technology.

4. Resuspension Buffer is included within the kit for the pretreatment process of samples.



genomic DNA Extraction


Diagnosis of infectious disease, pneumonia, tuberculosis, Mycobacterium, food poisoning bacteria.


genomic DNA Extraction workflow

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