AccuPrep® Dx Viral RNA Extraction Kit

AccuPrep® Dx Viral RNA Extraction Kit allows rapid extraction of viral RNA taken from Sputum, Nasopharyngeal & Oropharyngeal swab. Furthermore, poly(A) powder is included in the product for improved efficiency. This product can seperate comprehensive types of viral RNA from SARS-CoV-2.

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  • Comprehensive sample type
    Highly-pure viral RNA extraction from various clinical samples 

  • High yield extraction
    - Poly(A) powder prevent RNA degradation
    - BST Buffer activates silica membrane 

  • Easy method 
    Familiar spin-column type method allows easier extraction for user


• Type : Spin column type extraction

• Specimen: Liquid specimen (For COVID-19 : Sputum, Nasopharyngeal & Oropharyngeal swab)

• Starting volume : 200 ul

• Elution volume : 50 ul

• Turnaround time* : 30 min / 24 samples

*It may differ according to user's skill.


Components Quantity
VB Buffer (Virus Binding) 50 ml X 1 ea
VW1 Buffer (1st Washing) 40 ml X 1 ea
RWA2 Buffer (2nd Washing) 70 ml X 1 ea
ER Buffer (Elution) 20 ml X 1 ea
BST Solution 40 ml X 1 ea
Poly (A), lyophilized 2 mg X 1 ea
Proteinase K, lyophilized 25 mg X 1 ea
AccuPrep® Binding Column-I 100 ea
Collection Tube (for filtration) 100 ea
1.5 ml Tube (for elution) 100 ea
User's Guide 1 ea



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