AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT PreMix (480 T, 50 μl)

AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT PreMix contains Bioneer’s exclusive M-MLV based thermostable reverse transcriptase, RocketScript™. Native M-MLV RTase has maximum activity at relatively low temperatures (42℃), causing several problems in reverse transcription of RNA molecules with complex secondary structure. RocketScript™ has thermostable activity (42-70℃), allowing efficient cDNA synthesis from virtually any RNA.

The vacuum-dried PreMix contains all needed components for a successful reverse transcription reaction, including RTase, RNase inhibitor and buffer. Just add template RNA, primers and D.W., for cDNA synthesis reaction.

※ This product is shipped at room temperature. The reaction mixture contains stabilizers that keep full activity of enzymes even at the ambient temperature.

※ A separate purchase of RT Primer is needed, since this product does not contain RT primer (Oligo dT, Random primer).

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Features and Benefits

  • Thermostable Activity

    Excellent thermal resistance of RocketScript ™ RTase active even at 70℃, making it suitable for cDNA synthesis of secondary RNA structure with comprehensive selection of compatible temperature ranging from 42 to 70 ℃ depending on the required experimental condition and effective cDNA synthesis 


  • Reproducibility

    Mass production in one-batch system under ISO 9001 quality system with thorough QC for each batch, then supplied as uniform quality product to provide reproducible experimental results

  • Easy of use

    Simplified protocol without the need of template RNA incubation at 70 degrees, allowing anyone to easily synthesize RNA with a large secondary structure


• First-strand synthesis of cDNA from RNA molecules (RT)

• Random priming reaction

• cDNA library construction

• Probe labeling

• mRNA 5’-end mapping by primer extension analysis


• Real time PCR

Experimental data


Figure. Sensitivity comparison between AccuPower® RocketScript ™ RT Premix and M-MLV RTase
Sensitivity results of AccuPower® RocketScript ™ RT PreMix using GAPDH compared with conventional Reverse transcriptases.
Each 100 ng – 10 fg of total RNA used for RT and the same amount of RT products used for electrophoresis.

Lane 1: 10 fg Human total RNA from HeLa cell
Lane 2: 100 fg Human total RNA from HeLa cell
Lane 3: 1 pg Human total RNA from HeLa cell
Lane 4: 10 pg Human total RNA from HeLa cell
Lane 5: 100 pg Human total RNA from HeLa cell
Lane 6: 1 ng Human total RNA from HeLa cell
Lane 7: 10 ng Human total RNA from HeLa cell
Lane 8: 100 ng Human total RNA from HeLa cell

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