ExiStation™ 48A

ExiStation™ 48A is an automated molecular diagnostic system using Real-Time qPCR technology, it is an integrated system consisting of ExiLT for sample dispensing, ExiPrep™48 Dx form nucleic acid extraction, and Exicycler™ 96 for Real-time quantitative thermal block. ExiStation™ 48A can perform nucleic acid extraction and diagnostic tests on 48 samples at the same time. Automatic sample dispensing system is applied to minimize human error through pipetting. In addition, optimized protocols are built in to enhance user convenience.
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Features and Benefits

  • Use primary tube directly: all process is automated such as decapping/capping of sample tube and sample transfer
  • Input sample information automatically by using built-in barcoding system
  • Simplified interface with user-friendly touch screen
  • Flexible sample configuration: 8 to 48 samples in volumes of 200μl, 400 μl and 800 μl
  • Easier diagnosis with pre-installed protocol and automated results analysis by ExiStation™ software
  • Minimized cross-contamination due to intelligently designed droplet-guard and aerosol shutter
  • Enhanced usability with built in automatic cartridge puncher

Workflow Overview


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