AccuLadder™ 3-color Prestained Protein size marker 3+1

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Features and Benefits

  • Broad range

    Can identify proteins between 11 - 245 kDa when used with Tris-glycine-SDS running buffer.

  • Ready-to-use

    Simply use the product directly as it is already supplied in a loading buffer; no additional process, such as boiling or adding buffer, is needed.

  • Easy to identify

    Includes 25, 75 kDa reference bands coupled with a green and a red dye.

  • Highly Reproducible

    Reproducible results with uniform quality products for each batch by manufacturing under the ISO 9001 quality system.


  • Monitoring of protein migration during SDS-PAGE.
  • Monitoring of protein transfer onto membranes during Western blots.
  • Sizing of proteins on SDS-PAGE and Western blots.

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