MagListo™ 5M Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit (500 reactions)

MagListo™ 5M Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is designed to extract viral DNA/RNA from cell free body fluid (serum, plasma, CSF, saliva, and etc.) and swab, using Magnetic Nanobeads. With MagListo™ Magnetic Separation Rack, MagListo™ 5M Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit enables easier and faster extraction of viral DNA/RNA in high purity rather than that of a centrifugation. Magnetic bead type
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Viral RNA Extraction using MagListo

Features and Benefits

  • Highly-pure viral DNA/RNA extraction from various samples such as Serum, plasma, CSF, saliva, swab, etc.

  • Provided poly (A) can protect RNA degradation during the extraction steps and enhance the binding efficiency

  • No need of expensive, complicated instrument except MagListo™ Magnetic Separation Rack


• cDNA synthesis


• Quantative real-time RT-PCR

• poly A+ RNA selection

• Northern blot analysis

• Pathogen detection

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