AccuPrep® Nano-Plus Plasmid Midi Extraction kit (25 reactions)

AccuPrep® Nano-Plus Plasmid Extraction Kit uses the alkaline lysis method applied with innovative cell debris and protein removal technology to effectively reduce the time for plasmid DNA extraction.

Extraction time: Mini prep (10 min), Midi prep (40 min), Maxi prep (60 min)

Spin column type

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Features and Benefits

  • Effective purification
    A new concept of plasmid DNA extraction kit applied with Bioneer's patented technology to effectively remove cell debris particles and proteinsHigh yield production of highly pure plasmid DNA only within 40 minutes (midi)

  • Rapid high-quality, high-yield productivity
    Purification only within 40 minutes (midi)

  • Comprehensiveness
    A wide range of isolation from high- to low-copy number

  • High binding capacity
    Up to 500 µg using silica based DNA binding column

  • User-friendy kit
    Same experimental procedure as Plasmid Mini prep


• Gene cloning

• Sequencing

• Transformation

• Transfection

in-vitro transcription / translation

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