AccuPrep® Plasmid Extraction Kit for 96 well vacuum block (96 well x 2)

AccuPrep® Plasmid Mini Extraction Kit for 96-well vacuum manifold allows rapid extraction of highly pure plasmid DNA with high yield production from cell culture media such as E. coli using a 96-well plate and a vacuum manifold.

This product is compatible with vacuum manifolds from other companies such as Qiagen, Axygen, Promega, etc.

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Features and Benefits

  • High binding capacity
    Utilization of 96 well-type binding plates

  • Rich contents
    Endonuclease A Denaturation Buffer (PB Buffer) for endA+ strain

  • Rapid high-quality, high-yield productivity
    Purification with simultaneous processing of 96 large samples 

  • Wide compatibility
    Vacuum manifolds from other companies such as QIAGEN, Axygen, and Promega


• Sub-cloning

• Sequencing

• Transformation

• Trasnfection

in-vitro transcription/translation

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