Broad RNAi Portfolio from Bioneer

Over 132,000 predesigned siRNA's, also validated and standard siRNA libraries by gene function or family - AccuTarget


Bioneer's core business has always been the manufacture of DNA and RNA in conventional and breakthrough ways. When RNA interference (RNAi) was discovered, Bioneer was there to help provide researchers with the tools they need to accomplish their experiments. Bioneer is currently the market leader in RNAi technology in Asia, and is launching in North America this year. Our RNAi portfolio consists of six areas:

Predesigned siRNA libraries
PCR primers for knockdown validation
Human validated siRNA libraries
Human siRNA library sets and subsets
Control siRNAs
siRNA design and synthesis

All Bioneer's siRNAs are designed using our Turbo si-Designer software. This software identifies highly effective siRNA target sites with remarkably high knockdown rates. Critical parameters including base composition, thermodynamic instability and base preference are all considered in the design algorithm. siRNAs spanning SNP sites are removed and finally, non-specific siRNAs are eliminated following homology searching by BLAST and Smith-Waterman algorithms. The result is an siRNA with extraordinary knockdown efficiency and minimal off-target effects.We are so confident in our software that we have the best guarantee in the industry – Buy three of our AccuTarget™ siRNAs, and if 2 of them don’t have knockdown rates of at least 80%, we will replace them free of charge!

The Bioneer 80% Guarantee

When purchasing 3 siRNAs for the same gene, Bioneer guarantees at least an 80% reduction in the target mRNA level for 2 of the 3 siRNAs. If there is not a > 80% reduction in the mRNA level of the target gene, Bioneer will supply 2 siRNAs free of charge.*

*Bioneer reserves the right to request supporting data inclusive of:
1. Transfection efficiency data: NC (AccuTarget™ Fluorescein-labeled Negative Control) and siRNA concentration at 100 nM
2. siRNA knockdown efficiency data: PC (AccuTarget™ GAPDH/GFP/Luciferase siRNA) and NC (AccuTarget™ Negative Control)