AccuTarget™ Human miRNA mimic & inhibitor Library from Bioneer

AccuTarget™ Human miRNA mimics & inhibitors for studies on miRNA function and gene regulation

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AccuTarget™ Human miRNA mimics & inhibitors

Bioneer's AccuTarget™ miRNA mimics are chemically synthesized, double-stranded RNA oligonucleotidess and available for 1,782 Human Mature microRNAs in the miRBase Sequence Database. AccuTarget™ miRNA inhibitors are the single-stranded synthetic inhibitor targeting all human miRNAs in the miRBase Sequence Database. These miRNA mimics & inhibitors are available at 5, 10 and 20 nmole guaranteed yield. We also offer miRNA mimics and inhibitors library sets consisting of predesigned mimics or inhibitors at various small scales (0.25, 0.5, 1, or 2 nmole) in a 96-well plate layout to meet the unique needs of individual customers. . In addition, flexible miRNA library sets for customer- specified mimics & inhibitors are also available for the minimum order of 48 ea.

Features and Benefits

Ready-to-transfect miRNA mimics behave like endogenous miRNAs and inhibitors suppress target miRNA activity to study loss-of-function effects after transfection into cells

 Purification: For your more demanding applications, Bioneer's automated HPLC and Bio-RP purification methods ensure high quality, high-throughput miRNA mimics and inhibitors at an affordable price.
 Affordable pricing: Bioneer provides a variety of high quality miRNA products at an affordable price.
 Synthesis and QC: Bioneer miRNA mimics and inhibitors are produced in clean room facility by fully automated high-throughput miRNA production system. Bioneer miRNA products are assessed by MALDI-TOF Mass spectrometry analysis. Mass spec data is provided with every miRNA mimic and inhibitor. Additionally, miRNA mimics are tested by gel electrophoresis to verify that both RNA strands annealed properly.

All Bioneer miRNA inhibitors are provided as single-stranded miRNA* (antisense strand of target miRNA) and all Bioneer miRNA mimics are provided as double-stranded siRNA. Each sense siRNA and an antisense siRNA are QC'ed by MALDI-TOF analysis. Every annealed double-stranded miRNA is then QC-tested using PAGE to confirm proper annealing.

AccuTarget™ miRNA mimic controls

We offer AccuTarget™ miRNA mimic controls to optimize assay conditions for miRNA mimic function studies. Both positive and negative controls are provided for miRNA gain-of-function studies using Bioneer's AccuTarget™ miRNA mimics.

AccuTarget™ miRNA housekeeping Positive controls target the 3' UTR (untranslated region) of the standard housekeeping gene, GAPDH, and BIONEER's miRNA mimic Negative controls' sequences are based on common miRNA structure for use as negative experimental controls in human, mouse, and rat cells. The negative controls have been analyzed by BLAST against all human, mouse and rat genomic sequences and miRNA sequences in the current miRBase Database. BIONEER offers two universal negative controls for mimics. In addition, AccuTarget™ miRNA control sets consisting of a Positive and two Negative miRNA controls are also available for user convenience.

Features and Benefits

 Excellent performance: miRNA Houskeeping Positive controls targeting GAPDH with clear read-out of mimic function (knockdown efficiency of >90%) miRNA mimic Negative controls with minimal sequence identity with miRNAs in human, mouse and rat.
 Monitoring of transfection rate: fluorescently labeled Negative controls for conveniently monitoring cellular uptake and/or transfection efficiency
 Competitive pricing: Great value for your research dollar