AccuTarget™ Control siRNAs from Bioneer

Positive and Negative control siRNA's for your experiments. > 90% siRNA knockdown for positive controls


The AccuTarget™ Positive Control siRNAs are designed to induce high siRNA knockdown of their target genes. siRNA targeting an endogenous gene (GAPDH) and a reporter system (GFP and Luciferase) are available. AccuTarget™ Negative Control siRNAs do not target any known genes in human, mouse and rat. The negative control siRNA can be fluorescently labeled for easier monitor of transfection efficiency. AccuTarget™ Control siRNA Sets consisting of a positive and negative control siRNAs are also available for user convenience.

Features and Benefits

 Excellent performance: Positive control siRNA knockdown rates > 90%
 Monitoring of transfection rate: Convenient fluorescently labeled negative control sets
 Competitive pricing: Great value for your research dollar