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Enzymes from Bioneer

For PCR, Reverse Transcription, RT-PCR and Ligation

Selection Guide

Novel PCR polymerases with unique performance features

Bioneer offers a wide range of enzymes for PCR, Reverse Transcription, Reverse Transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) and DNA Ligation. Our Top DNA Polymerase is the fastest thermostable PCR polymerase on the market. We are the only company to use a novel “enzyme-mediated” HotStart in our enzymes. In addition, our CycleScript Reverse Transcriptase uses a Cyclic-RT reaction that allows for robust cDNA synthesis of the rarest transcripts.

For faster and easier reaction set up, the AccuPower® PreMix Series contains each enzyme and all other PCR contents in an easy to resuspend lyophilized mix.

Features and Benefits

 Fast: Highly processive enzymes
 Flexible: for all applications from standard, to high fidelity and long range and more!
 Value: No license fees associated with our novel enzymes saves you money!