Protein expression and purification from Bioneer

A line of instrumentation and kits designed for synthesis and purification of high-quality protein – rapidly and easily

Selection Guide

  With the latest technology and years of experience designing and manufacturing products for protein synthesis and purification, Bioneer is pleased to showcase our products for recombinant protein research. These products are designed to simplify your protein work in a cost-effective way.

  Our protein expression technology is based on the E. coli cell-free protein expression method.
  The E. coli cell-free protein expression method is the coupled reaction of transcription and translation. rNTP and T7 RNA polymerase synthesize RNA from template DNA, and ribosome and tRNA are required for the translation step. In the presence of template DNA under the control of T7 promoter, E. coli extract and master mix trigger protein synthesis in a tube at 30C through transcription of DNA sequence into mRNA sequence followed by translation of the mRNA into a protein using amino acids and energy source.

  These kits are categorized into manual kits and automatic kits. Customer can select product one of the protein synthesis (from expression to purification), expression and purification kits.
  Among the products, automatic protein synthesis/purification kits are applied to “ExiProgen™”. The ExiProgen™ EC Protein Synthesis kit is able to express and purify up to 16 unique proteins in parallel in less than 6 hours. And the EC-Maxi protein synthesis kit produce about 500 µg of protein, respectively, in which no disulfide bonds are present. Also, other kits are available for proteins containing more than two disulfide bonds. Also EC-Tagfree protein synthesis kits can be used to produce highly pure proteins without his-tag.
  Also, we provides PCR based template DNA prep kits to generate template DNA by two-step PCR from genomic DNA and also provide highly efficient expression vectors to be used for cell-free and cell-based expression.

  All protein-related products are mass produced under a one-batch system governed by ISO 9001 quality standards for world-class results and utmost reproducibility.

  Bioneer’s products for protein research are categorized as below.