AccuRapid™ Cell-Free protein expression kit from Bioneer

AccuRapid™Protein Expression kit is designed for in vitro transcription and translation of target DNA to protein in a single reaction.

Ordering Information

AccuRapid™ Protein Expression Kit contains an optimized E. coli extract containing T7 RNA polymerase for transcription and all necessary components for translation. When combined with the Master mix supplied in the kit, all other required components including amino acids, rNTPs, and appropriate salts are provided enabling the expression of high levels of recombinant proteins. This flexible system expresses up to 300 ug/mL of protein within only 3 hours from the template DNA which contains T7 promoter, T7 terminator and RBS (ribosomal binding site).

Features and Benefits

High Speed
You can produce your target protein within 3 hours.

Any template DNA containing T7 promoter/terminator and RBS can be used.

High performance
This kit expands its application even to proteins that have cytotoxic effects on cells. Those proteins are hard to be produced through cell-based protein expression system.

This kit is compatible with most ExiProgen™ EC related Kits.