RNA Phosphoramidites from Bioneer

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Features of RNA Phosphoramidites

Amine groups are protected by protecting groups {rA(Bz), rC(Ac) rG(Ib)}.
The recommended procedure for cleavage and deprotection for standard oligonucleotide synthesis is treatment with concentrated ammonia for 8 hours at 55°C or by the use of methylamine gas.
Cleavage and deprotection procedures for RNA synthesis are similar to DNA synthesis, with an additional step to remove the 2'-OH protecting group.
The 2'-OH group is protected by a tert-butyldimethylsilyl (TBDMS) group to prevent derivatization and degradation during the synthesis cycle.
Standard RNA phosphoramidites provide excellent coupling efficiency when used together with either ETT or BTT as an activator.
The purities of manufactured nucleoside phosphoramidites are quality controlled via RP-HPLC/31P-NMR analysis. (RP- HPLC: ≥ 99%, 31P-NMR: ≥ 99%)
All reagents are conveniently packaged for ABI instruments. Expedite- and Mermade-compatible vials are also available upon request.

fig1   fig2
Fig 1. rG(Ib)-Phosphoramidite HPLC Data
RP- HPLC : ≥ 99%
Fig 2. rG(Ib)-Phosphoramidite 31P-NMR Data
31P-NMR : ≥ 99%