Custom RNA from Bioneer

Quality custom RNA synthesis up to 35-mer with complimentary MALDI-TOF QC

Ordering Information

Bioneer’s core competency in delivering the most rigorously manufactured nucleic acids, includes providing the industry’s highest quality Custom RNA oligos. To cover all of your bases, we manufacture RNA oligos with our patented Bio-RP purification which approaches near HPLC quality. For your most stringent applications, we offer a wide array of modification options and services including bar-code labeling and annealing chimeric RNA/DNA oligos. Please find the chart in the ordering information tab detailing our guaranteed yield, available modifications, purification, and service options

Features and Benefits

 Ease of use: Just add template and primers and start your PCR, dNTPs, buffer and enzyme are provided
 Stability: Stable at room temperature for a month and for 2 years in a -20°C freezer
 Gel loading: Available with or without a tracking dye for ease of use