Genomics Service from Bioneer

High-throughput sequencing, Gene synthesis service


Since being established in 1992, Bioneer has provided oligonucleotide synthesis and sequencing services and has developed many genetic technologies. From these technologies, Bioneer is now providing Genome-wide siRNA libraries of 3 species (including human), a real-time PCR primer library and a gene expression analysis service based on these products and related products.
Bioneer also has licensed and developed the world’s first cell division model (S. pombe) knockout library complete with 5,000 individual gene knockout strains. The Genome-wide Drug Target Identification Service (GPScreen™ Service) utilizes this library to provide gene function studies, bio-active substance screening and toxicology studies to researchers worldwide.
On top of the gene expression analysis service mentioned above a high-throughput sequencing, and a Gene Synthesis Services are also provided by Bioneer.
Bioneer realizes that the samples sent to our services are valuable customer assets and has therefore established a philosophy of delivering accurate results within the promised time to continue providing higher-quality gene-related services.