Standard Gene to Protein Service from Bioneer

Ordering Information

This service is based on Bioneer’s gene synthesis service. Synthesized gene will be cloned to E. coli expression vector and then it will be connected to protein synthesis service.

Schematics of service process

Features and benefits

High performance
This service enables synthesis of various proteins enzyme, growth factor, hormone, antigen protein, antibody, and toxic to in vivo expression systems.

100% sequences guarantee
Every synthetic gene is 100% confirmed by Sequencing.

Codon optimization service
Complimentary codon optimization for custom gene to enhance protein expression and function.

If necessary, you can synthesize target protein yourself because this service is using Bioneer’s protein synthesis kits.


Protein Modification
Codon optimization can increase protein expression efficiency, and a mutant library derived from this process can yield proteins with increased function. Optimizations include secondary structure removal, and repeat reduction as well as organism optimizations.

Antibody Construction
Antibodies targeted toward specific diseases or targets can be codon optimized for maximum expression in the host organism. Also, an antibody library can be constructed to screen for the most efficient antibody variant.