Gene to Protein Service from Bioneer

One-step synthesis service from gene to Protein!!


  Gene to Protein Service is total service of “Gene synthesis-Protein synthesis” at a reasonable price and it provides customized gene and protein in as little as 2 weeks.
  The service can be classified into standard and cloning-free service according to the gene synthesis method. And the service enables synthesis of various proteins such as enzyme, growth factor, hormone, antigen protein and antibody.

Schematics of service process

1. Standard Service
    This service is based on Bioneer’s gene synthesis service. Synthesized gene will be cloned to E. coli
  expression vector and then it will be connected to protein synthesis service.

2. Cloning-free Service
    This service is based on Bioneer’s AccuGeneBlock service. Synthesized gene is PCR product and it will use
  to protein synthesis directly. Therefore, this service is faster than standard service.