Codon library mutagenesis Service from Bioneer

Essential service for various protein research!
Streamline your research by taking advantage of Bioneer Codon Library Mutagenesis Service!

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 Based on a long-standing experience of gene synthesis and mutagenesis techniques, Bioneer provides codon mutagenesis library service.
 With the Codon library mutagenesis service, we provide gene library by codon-based mutagenesis in response to codon bias of a species of your interest. You simply select the species where your genes will be expressed and specify the location of codon(s) in the gene sequence along with amino acid name(s) that each codon will designate. Bioneer service team conducts codon mutation according to the codon usage in the species of your interest.
Codon library mutagenesis vs Random mutagenesis

 The genes of codon mutagenesis library show greater efficiency of protein expression without the substitution by rare codons or stop codons that often occurs in random mutagenesis. Moreover, codon changes in consideration of codon usage in a species of interest improve the protein expression efficiency.

 Providing mutant library with advanced protein expression efficiency, Bioneer codon mutagenesis library service will benefit you in various protein research for protein expression, function and structure according to amino acid substitution.