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qPCR Array System

Through 20 years of molecular biology research, Bioneer has released a new qPCR Array System. The qPCR Array System is constructed in panel form to screen genes involved in various pathways or related to a specific disease at once, allowing you to see the expression patterns of numerous genes at once. Since the results are formed based on MIQE guidelines, the results can be published in SCI publications nearly unaltered.

Human Cancer panel

The AccuPower® qPCR Array System-Human cancer panel is optimized for SYBR® Green detection, and is configured with 88 cancer-related genes and 8 normalization genes. The cancer-related genes are classified into the following categories:

 Apoptosis invasion & metastasis
 Oncogenes & tumor suppressor
 Signal transduction & transcription factors
 Cell cycle & DNA damage repair

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