qPCR Array Service

Bioneer is equipped with the infrastructure and the knowledge to perform your qPCR experiments and provide publication quality data based on the MIQE Guidelines.

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Benefits of the Bioneer’s qPCR service

 Receive accurate, robust results based on the MIQE guidelines, along with primary data analysis
  The qPCR Array Service which is conducted by experts allows you to receive publication-quality data in a short period of time. Because qPCR experiments can generate vastly different results depending on experiment conditions and result analysis methods, all steps of the qPCR process need to be carefully conducted. To solve these issues, the leaders in the field have published the MIQE (Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments) guidelines, which define the minimum information that needs to be provided when publishing qPCR experiments. Also, since qPCR result analysis is performed based on Bioneer’s proprietary analysis systems and software, a variety of robust data are generated in a short period of time.

 Save time and expenses on performance optimization
  You can save not only a significant amount of time spent on optimizing primer sets, but also potentially wasting money by simply ordering primers that already have an optimum performance.

  The diagram below shows the process and time required for primer optimization for a single target gene.


Figure 1. Single target primer design and synthesis in a best case scenario,
taking approximately one week to optimize a single set of primers

  The optimization process includes determining melting characteristics, determining dynamic range, and limit of detection(LOD), depending on the quality of primers and qPCR reagents, used for the reaction.


Figure 2. Timeline for multiple target primer design, synthesis and optimization

  Optimization process for 10 primer sets takes 2~3 weeks on average if the validation process passes at first trial.

 Save money by not purchasing expensive qPCR instrumentation
 Although qPCR data is a requirement for gene expression related publication these days, this reason cannot justify purchasing an expensive qPCR instrument. You can accomplish your research purpose to get publication grade data without spending your budget for instrumentation