Accupower® Customized qPCR Panel Kit

The newly introduced, Customized qPCR Panel Kit by Bioneer!

Ordering information

Customized qPCR Panel Kit

Bioneer introduces the Customized qPCR Panel Kit, containing the number of genes specific to each customer's needs for gene expression analysis.
The customized qPCR panel kit is made up of primer pairs pertaining to customer's specific genes of interest, derived from Bioneer’s 20-years of extensive knowledge in molecular diagnostics.
The kit is delivered with each primer pair placed in the well corresponding to the gene of interest. This means simple and quick analysis is possible for the researcher by only adding templates and 2X Mastermix (or Premix).
With Bioneer's Customized qPCR Panel Kit you will get accurate and reliable results quickly.

Features and Benefits

  Easy and convenient work.
  Work can be started immediately after putting cDNA template and 2X mastermix in the well.
  Save cost and time for primer synthesis and/or primer optimization.
  By using Bioneer's validated and optimized primers it eliminates the cost and time necessary to design your own primer
    and then run through validation process.

Schematic Process for Customized qPCR Panel Kit Production

  1. Panel Order Submission
  2. Primer Selection (Designing & Validation if required)
  3. Panel Production
  4. QC
  5. Shipping (What is the expected TAT from submission to shipping?