AccuPower® GreenStar™ qPCR PreMix from Bioneer

Real-time PCR reagent for the intercalating dye-based detection

Ordering Information

The GreenStar™ qPCR PreMix provides significant reduction of nonspecific reaction, high sensitivity, extended stability and great universality. Just additions of primers of your interesting target gene into GreenStar™ qPCR PreMix provide always reproducible results with convenience of use.

Features and Benefits

 High Specificity: A Non-specific reaction by Enzyme-mediated Hotstart Technology was dramatically eliminated(patent 292883 & 10-2007-109055)
 User Convenience: Just add primer for target gene.
 Extended Stability: In a freezer, the activity of this product is stable for 2 years.
 Reproducibility: Margin of error was minimized and reproducible results can be obtained, because no extra mixing step is requied.
 Equipment Compatibility: Optimized results on various Real-Time PCR instruments can be obtained.
 Universality of target gene: Significant results can be obtained regardless of kinds of target genes.