Custom Amplification Service from Bioneer

Bioneer’s customized amplificatin service, AccuPower® PCR PreMix Service, provides customer-designed products of high reproducibility and low variability. Customers will get additional benefits of convenience and cost-effectiveness.

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 PCR optimization usually takes long time and huge effort. Among many problems to solve in the optimization process, mis-priming and primer dimer that frequently occur in a PCR mixture at room temperature result in poor amplification and undesired amplicon production.

 Bioneer Custom Amplification Service (AccuPower® PCR PreMix Service) provides customers with optimized PCR Kits having high reproducibility and high accuracy by applying the AccuPower® PCR PreMix technology.

 Bioneer Custom Amplification Service products prevent the formation of mis-primed products and primer-dimers during the reaction process and result in an improved PCR specificity. This service is ideal for nucleic acid amplification reactions involving complex genomic or cDNA templates, very low copy targets, and multiplex reactions.

 Bioneer Custom Amplification Service provides taylored “PreMix” that is aliquoted into single-use and lyophilized. Each PreMix tube contains thermostable DNA polymerase dNTPs, reaction buffer, stabilizer thermostable PPase for Hotstart PCR and cutstomer-designed primer set. Users need only to add template DNA and water to perform PCR.

Features and Benefits

 Stability: Each PCR tube contains all reaction components required for PCR, including thermostable DNA polymerase, dNTPs and primer set. Users need only to add template DNA and water to perform PCR.
It also contains loading dye and precipitating agent for electrophoresis and minimizes carry-over contamination in aerosol.
 Performance: Single batch production system allows high accuracy, reproducible and product yield.
 High Stability: 1-year warranty at -20°C.
 Quality Control: All AccuPower® products are manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Control System.