AccuPrep® Viral RNA Extraction Kit from Bioneer

For the various clinical samples, Spin column type Viral RNA Extraction Kit – AccuPrep® Viral RNA Extraction Kit

Ordering Information

AccuPrep® Viral RNA Extraction Kit is designed for the rapid and convenient extraction of viral RNA from cell-free samples as serum, plasma, CSF, urine, etc. This kit can be used for extracting RNA from a variety of RNA virus, such as HIV, HAV, HCV, enteroviruses, but not all viruses can be utilized as a source. Also, as it is difficult to extract only RNA from samples containing both DNA and RNA, a cell-free sample must be used in order to prevent DNA contamination.

Features and Benefits

 Highly purified and high purity viral RNA can be extracted from various clinical samples (whole blood, CSF, urine, swab…).

 Silica based RNA binding column with high RNA binding efficiency.

 Provided poly (A) can protect RNA degradation during the extraction steps and enhance the binding efficiency.


Components K-3033R (100 reaction)
Binding buffer (VB) 60 ml X 1 ea
Wahsing buffer 1 (W1) 40 ml X 1 ea
Washing buffer 2 (W2) 20 ml X 1 ea
Elution buffer (EL) 10 ml X 1 ea
Poly (A), lyophilized 2 mg X 1 ea
RNA binding column tube 100 ea X 1 pack
2.0ml tubes for filtration 100 ea X 1 pack
1.5ml tubes for elution 1 ea