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Tissue Homogenization Set from Bioneer

Tissue Homogenization Set

Ordering Information

Tissue homogenization set is developed to convenient tissue homogenization to extract genomic DNA or total RNA from the animal tissue using specialized Tissue filter tube and Tissue stick by grinding. The Tissue filter tube do not allowed re-use and after the use of the Tissue filter tube, the Tissue filter tube box can used like as sample storage rack.


Product Cat. No. Size
Tissue homogenization Set KA-7030 1 set
Tissue stick KA-7031 100 ea
Tissue filter tube KA-7032 100 ea
Tissue mixer KA-7033 1 ea

Product Cat. No. Size
ExiPrep™ Tissue Genomic DNA Kit K-3225 96 test
ExiPrep™ Beef Genomic DNA Kit K-3200-CB 96 test