AccuPrep® PCR Purification Kit from Bioneer

For various enzymatic reaction product, Spin column type fragment DNA Purification Kit – AccuPrep® PCR Purification Kit

Ordering Information

AccuPrep® PCR Purification Kit is designed for the purification of up to 10 ug of DNA fragment from PCR and other enzymatic products within 5 minutes. The size range for effective purification is 100 bp ~10 kb, thus common 20 ~ 40 mer oligonucleotides are removed. The recovery yield exceeds 70~90%. Elution volume can be as little as 30 uL when concentrated product is needed.

Features and Benefits

 Completely purify the fragment DNA from various enzymatic reaction products within 5 min.

 Highly purified and high yield fragment DNA can be purified from various enzymatic reaction products (restriction enzyme digestion, A-tailing, labeling…).

 Double strand and single strand DNA can be purified with high recovery.

 Usable range is 100bp to 10kb with 70%-90% recovery.

 Silica based DNA binding column with high binding efficiency.


Components K-3034 (200 reaction) K-3034-1 (50 reaction)
Buffer ① (PCR Binding buffer) 120 ml X 1 ea 25 ml X 1 ea
Buffer ② (Wahsing buffer) 25 ml X 2 ea 6 ml X 2 ea
Buffer ③ (Elution buffer) 15 ml X 1 ea 15 ml X 1 ea
DNA binding column tube 50 ea X 4 box 50 ea X 1 box
Manual 1 ea 1 ea
One Page Protocol 1 ea 1 ea