AccuPrep® Genomic DNA Extraction Kit from Bioneer

For the Whole blood, Animal tissue and Cultured cells, Spin column type Genomic DNA Extraction Kit – AccuPrep® Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

Ordering Information

AccuPrep® Genomic DNA Extraction Kit can rapidly and conveniently extract genomic DNA from blood, lymphocyte, buffy coat, tissue and cultured cell. This process does not require phenol/chloroform extraction, alcohol precipitation, nor other burdensome steps. Our Kit employs spin column type. Proteins and other contaminants which can inhibit enzyme reaction or PCR are eliminated through series of short wash-and-spin steps. The isolated DNA is ready to use in various applications.

Features and Benefits

 Highly purified and high yield genomic DNA can be extracted from Whole blood, Animal tissue, Cultured cells.

 Silica based DNA binding column with high binding efficiency.

 Optimized Tissue lysis buffer for efficient lysis of the various tissue sample.


Components K-3032R (100 reaction)
Tissue Lysis buffer (TL) 25 ml X 1 ea
Binding buffer (GC) 25 ml X 1 ea
Wahsing buffer 1 (W1) 40 ml X 1 ea
Washing buffer 2 (W2) 20 ml X 2 ea
Elution buffer (EL) 30 ml X 1 ea
Proteinase K, lyophilized 25 mg X 2 ea
DNA binding column tube 100 ea X 1 pack
2.0ml tubes for filtration 100 ea X 1 pack
1.5ml tubes for elution 100 ea X 1 pack
Manual 1 ea