ExiPrep™ Plus Tissue Genomic DNA Kit from Bioneer

Automatic Genomic DNA Extraction Kit for various animal tissue samples – ExiPrep™ Plus Tissue Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

Ordering Information

ExiPrep™ Plus Tissue Genomic DNA Kit
ExiPrep™ Plus Tissue Genomic DNA Kit enables extraction of genomic DNA from animal tissue samples with high yield and purity using automated nucleic acid extraction instruments, ExiPrep™16 Plus and ExiProgen™. The Tissue Lysis Buffer and Proteinase K is optimized for various animal tissues, which increases extraction yield of genomic DNA. This kit is able to process up to 16 samples in a single run.

Features and Benefits

 All reagents are pre-dispensed into a buffer cartridge system
 The kit contains all required consumables such as disposable filter tips, elution tubes, and reaction tubes
 Bioneer’s patented magnetic silica beads ensure high yield and purity.
 The automated process ensures reproducible results


Components Quantity Note
Buffer Cartridge ① 6 ea  
Buffer Cartridge ② 6 ea  
Tissue lysis buffer 1 ea 25 ml
Proteinase K 2 ea 20 mg/tube
Disposable filter tip 3 pack 32 ea/pack
Elution tube 1 pack 12 ea/pack
Manual 1 ea