Opaque White 96-well Semi-skirted PCR Plate, 25 plates from Bioneer

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Bioneer's Opaque White 96-well Semi-skirted PCR plate is made of polypropylene material, is especially designed for Real-Time PCR to measure florescence sensitively in result. Opaque White 96-well Semi-skirted PCR Plate can be used the Exicycler™ 96 and other PCR instrument. Also it has treated with RNase, DNase free to give greater confidence to the user. Compared to the general purpose plate, this Opaque White 96-well Semi-skirted PCR plate has higher signal-to-noise ratio, as well as the reflection efficiency to obtain the higher accuracy of the luminescence measurement. Also the plate prevents crosstalk between each well and light loss between sample and the detector while measuring the fluorescence level by the Real-Time PCR instrument. Each row is marked with alphabets and the column is marked with a number to use conveniently. This semi-skirted plate is much stronger to hold the well's position against vibrations compared to non-skirted plates and gives more accurate results to be obtained.

Features and Benefits

 Maximize sensitivity and reproducibility of real-time PCR.

 The alphabet labeled area can be cut out.

 Can be cut to a 24-well or 48-well pieces.

 Optimized for real-time response of florescence or luminescence detection.

 Is compatible with Exicycler™ 96 as well as mostly available PCR instruments.

 Returns the best result when the adhesive sealing film provided Bioneer is used together.
   (Third-party adhesive sealing film can be used, but Bioneer sealing film is recommended)