Opaque White 96-well Skirted, Low Profile PCR Plate, 25 Plates
(Full-skirted) from Bioneer

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Opaque White 96-well skirted, Low Profile PCR plate is designed to prevent sample condensation on the tube surface.
Due to its low profile, it is suitable for the sample volume with less than 20ul for PCR to obtain higher efficiency for small volume PCR experiment. Due to its low height compared with ordinary plate, the air gap between hot lid and sample is significantly reduced. This reduction in reaction volume due to evaporation can be minimized, prevents sample condensation on the tube surface, and gives the higher efficiency of qPCR results. This Opaque White 96-well skirted, Low Profile PCR plate is much stronger to hold the well's position against vibrations compared to non-skirted plates and gives more accurate results to be obtained.

Features and Benefits

 Maximized the sensitivity and accuracy of Real-Time PCR.

 Optimized the delectability of fluorescence of Real-Time PCR or luminescent.

 Returns the best result when the adhesive sealing film provided Bioneer is used together.
   (Third-party adhesive sealing film can be used, but Bioneer sealing film is recommended)