AccuRapid™ Cloning Kit from Bioneer

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Primer design

  Bioneer's AccuRapid™ Bioneer's Cloning Kit allows accurate and rapid cloning of up to three inserts (PCR products) into a linearized vector. This product recognizes and connects the 18-21 bp complementary sequence of the PCR amplified insert end and the linearized vector end. This method does not require restriction enzyme treatment on PCR product/plasmid; therefore directional insertion becomes possible. Only addition of 18-21 bp complementary sequence into extension primer is required for amplification of insert (Our world’s fastest PCR machine AllInOneCycler™ allows you to amplify your DNA very quickly).

Schematic protocol for AccuRapid™ Cloning Kit

*Green-colored bar: linearized vector
Blue-colored bar: target sequence for cloning
Green, yellow, purple & red-colored bar: 18-21 bp complementary sequence (designated by each color)

Features and Benefits

Fast and accurate cloning
Fast and accurate cloning in 30 min reaction

Insert can be cloned in the desired direction to the vector without restriction enzyme treatment
Use a primer that contains a sequence complements to 18-21 bp both ends of the vector to amplify the insert and clone it in the desired direction.

Cloning multiple inserts at the same time
Up to 3 inserts can be simultaneously cloned in the desired order.

Easily manipulate vector in desired form
Easily customize designs and enable vectors on the desired form.